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How to deal with large volume of information:

The focus was heavily on how to get a broad range of insights of what is happening in the field

Sources for learning

  • Hacker news
  • Reddit aggregators



Where did 'tech Twitter' go?

Mastodon, Threads, Discord etc.

On learning and remembering

Reading foundational books/classics help build your base for learning new stuff and processing new information.

Revisiting your notes on a subject help consolidate the knowledge in your memory

Spaced repetition of your learning, testing yourself on the subject

Anki app Create your own deck to test yourself or use some of the publicly available decks at

Note-taking and knowledge management: Zettelkasten method

Taking notes helps in consolidating the learning in memory dictate notes on on your smartwatch, transcribed into text. Great for driving, walks, running.

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