What Is The One True LanguageFor Writing Tests

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What is the ONE true testing language?

What are the barriers to multi-lingual dev/testing?

  • Willingness to innovate
  • Wrong organizational assumptions

What are the "enablers" to ease the transition?

  • a "champion" person for the technology
  • radical vs. progressive change steps
  • changing the way people think for sustainability
  • "evolution vs revolution"

What makes a good test language?

  • expressive
    • shows intent
    • human readable
    • "literate"
  • quick to write
  • tells you why the tests broke
  • easy to maintain/refactor
  • facilitates exploratory testing
  • no/low "context switch"
  • uses a "full" "real" language
  • natural to extend
  • no "mental gymnastics"

Change happens when...

  • Champion can push through the trough of disallusion
  • eases pain
  • it goes into the ditch
  • changes thought patterns
  • compelling value
  • demonstrated value
  • timing
  • effective evangelist
  • introduced by respected thought leader
  • information widely available and shared