The Future of Continuous Delivery

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11:15 AM Session

The Future of Continuous Delivery

Always wondering "where could this thing go", like now that we are doing "Continuous Delivery" where could go next.

Saw lots of quality checks getting inserted into the pipeline.

Could start extending to industry standard connection points, like testing for specific aspects. For example, testing for

Cloud, actually SaaS, can be a big pain in the butt, because things change in the SaaS without warning.

Premise: Enhance the Continuous Delivery Pipeline to incorporate expertise available on a global scale.

Each contact point must be able to create: Environment Testing Demonstration Environment

Each of these contact points is referred to as an "Animation".

Analogies from the physical world, like IKEA flatbox, perhaps don't translate well to the Continuous Delivery world.

At BankWest Runway 1,

Mode 2 Runway, full feature delivery

3rd Runway, Public cloud

Perhaps the lack of standardized interfaces, like we have in the real world, cause us trouble. LDAP is an example of an interface

Some companies wire together lots of small services together, but can they truly test it.

This conversation is about "Where other people see Continuous Delivery going?"

SaaS, as in when it is hosted elsewhere.

3 different levels of progress in CD 1. Basic 2. Infrastructure as a Service/Platform as a Service 3. Software as a Service

One issue: when the continuous delivery pipeline broke [at a bank] and caused the group to have to manually deploy. That felt very risky. Need fully industrialized infrastructure.

Centers of Excellence: connect consumers to small businesses, e.g. Uber, AirBNB, IntentMedia

Understanding where a company's seams exists.

Open Shift

Example that PJ whiteboarded:

<insert photo>

An advertising company could deliver seperate builds to partners which they choose if/when to enable. That would be a working example of operating as a future "Center of Excellence".