Test Automation Pyramid Adoption

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The Test Pyramid: We have all kinds of knowledge of what to test at each level and how to "do" it.

Problem statement

How to also make the developers live and believe in the testing pyramid? How to not let it become a perfect nice document that is just lying around but nobody is following it?


Suggestion >> Read the book called "Switch". People tend to be reluctant to stuff they don't know. So try to make this into reversible experiments. But the clue is, these are not reversible experiments, but you're basically "dragged into it".

Find why the attitude of the developers is to "just write code". Find the motivation for the behavioral change. This is inherently difficult, since it ultimately boils down to changing humans' behaviours. Even when the drawbacks of the current approach are pretty clear: bugs into production because no-one even bothers to open a browser to do basic testing when the "tester" is on holidays. The bugs in production requires patches which is deviating developers' attention.