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Stephen Henderson

Hello everyone.

I'm the Product Manager for Gauntlet, which is Borland's Quality- & Visibility-centric CI platform.

You can learn more about Gauntlet[1].

Find me during the conference to give me your thoughts about it!

Stephen's CITCON 2007 Diary

Friday It's late. It's just after midnight, actually. I just drove up from San Antonio.

I'm amazed I found the hotel & conference center at night. It's a bit unusual as these places go... evidently it's primarily an American Airlines training facility, but it doubles as a public confrence center too.

The front desk folks were helpful, and I found parking and my room without trouble.

Sadly, I missed the CITCON goings-on of the day, but I'm excited about tomorrow.

In any event, and since I drove up, I was able to bring my french press and some fresh Shade-Grown MExican Coffee Beans... so I'd be pretty excited tomorrow morning even if Bob Dole and Al Gore showed up and held a phonebook reading contest. Let me know if you need a fix of the good beans!

But really: I'm stoked: judging from Jeff's writings[2] about past CITCONs, I think this is going to be a great conference.

I'll see you in the morning!