Standards Across Teams

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How do we solve for Standards?


Team influence model from Control to Soup

Ester Derby mentions Global and Local standards

Problems include:

Teams solve and don't communicate

Can be as simple as naming convention to a lot more complicated such as API keys, logging, etc

Duplicate work and solutions generate waste, long term cost

Potential solutions:

Definition of done needs to include the reporting out of those changes and operations items

Make effort to sharing so low that they will just do it

Establishing Service and Client blueprints/templates including tests and build steps

Build tests for standards checks, just need time to do it

Addressing management rewarding Getting Shit Done (GSD) teams at the cost of other teams (us instead of me)

Remove reliability team and make developers support it

Respect how some decisions are still made anyway, accept it and communicate it. May be a strength if structured for low risk and high reward.

Establish communities of practices for more communication and cross pollination

Architects working on H1, H2, H3 but recommend still have the code to keep them up to date