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Selenium Grid and Selenium

Selenium Grid

Is it worth switching to Selenium Grid?

Selenium Grid Benefits:

  • for cross browsers, there are other options as well
  • parallel testing

Latest version: 2.47 (2 people in the room use the latest version)

Ideas on using Selenium Grid with other configs:

  • !Gradle
  • SauceLabs / Keynote (Keynote costs more)
  • transfer selenium tests to headless browser / api tests (e.g AngularJS, Protractor)
  • Apache Mesos

Selenium Flaky Tests

Did anyone of us tried tracking the failures of a test and doing an analysis on that, such as to see the frequency of flakiness?

  • custom JUnit runner to parse build results (and store in DB or just Logger)
  • Atlassian Bamboo
  • rerun failed tests

Selenium Fixing reds (failed tests)

One of the problems is that test builds are red and nobody seems to care... How to motivate people in fixing reds?

  • measuring and visualizing
  • ownership on tests
  • set a smaller goal of the day