Reusing validation tests as monitoring

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People seemed generally agreeable that we want to write tests once in dev and get reuse out of them in production.

  • Biggest hurdle perceived as handling persistence/state
  • Running passive (readonly tests) would be trivial to do. Tests that write become a problem.
  • Multi-tenanted solutions might mitigate some of these issues, create a new customer/tenant in your software for each tests which could be deleted/ignored.
  • We want to run these tests without and change to the tests, will need a standard approach/contract to environmental configuration which tests can consume.
  • Pulling tests results out of production and making them available to all is important
  • Tests need to be versioned with your application so a new deployment has the appropriate tests run.
    • Same repo for production code & tests = consistent. If you wanted to add new tests without changing the production code you could either publish the tests separately. Or if your releasing is cheap enough just release a new version and push it through the deployment pipeline in to keep a single consistent approach.
  • 3rd party integrations... test data into these systems (bank, health records, etc) might be difficult. Talked briefly about the Simplicator pattern