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Tom Denley ran a session on using information radiators.

What To Radiate

  • CI build information
  • CI load
  • Code clean-up graphs
  • Twitter
  • Prod status?

How To Radiate

  • Big plasma
  • Multi-screen wall
  • Screens dotted about
  • Desktop application
  • Writing on the wall
  • Digital picture frames

Case Study: Radiating CI Build Information

  • Builds passing/failing
  • Builds running/waiting
  • Running build progress bar
  • Time since last build
  • Committers on the current build
  • Failing builds marked under investigation
  • DOH! -- everything is red, but don't panic I'm on it


  • Be wary of information overload
  • Be opinionated
  • Have fun

Demo of CI-Eye

Tom gave a demonstration of CI-Eye, an open-source build radiator that he developed whilst learning about radiators.

For more information on CI-Eye, see [1]

Demo of Visuwall

A demo of the Visuwall radiator was given by two of its creators.

For more information on Visuwall, see [2]

Video Recording of the Session