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Performance Testing in an Agile Environment

Challenges for Performance Testing in a CI/CD environment:

  • Getting people educated about performance pain points
  • Infrastructure is not ready for performance testing
  • Scheduling clashes with Operational groups
  • Look into an environment

Agile Performance Testing requirements for incremental releases

  • What are the requirements?
  • What has been changed?
  • Use the above to define realistic and reasonable tests
  • Warm and fuzzy by doing incremental/incomplete Performance Tests
  • Do Break point testing

Code Instrumentation

  • Label instrument all code during development
  • Labelled code allows for Green fields data collection
  • Labelled code helps pinpoint code issues.
  • Done using a different labelled build

Tools for affordable performance risk mitigation

  • JMeter cuts cost allowing for cheap and incomplete tests
  • Blazemeter is a JMeter compatible cloud performance testing service

Load Particular features to determine whether new code harbors performance issues.

  • Beware of false positives during incremental performance tests.
  • Isolate performance tests to newly developed features.

Manage risks of making changes.

  • Take responsibility of changes made for all aspects of code development
  • Make certain tests are run on a production like environment
  • Separate code and configuration testing.

Public Launch testing - Before the big go-live

  • Decouple PT into a separate project for major releases
  • Final builds must involve end to end performance testing
  • Run all performance tests: Baseline, Peak, Endurance and Capacity
  • Push complete performance test projects into public production release