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I'm an independent software developer.

You can contact me directly via LinkedIn.

I was one of the (infamous?) "Brisbane Cluster" (Tom Adams, Paul King) and, thanks to all of you good folks, throughly enjoyed my time at the conference in Sydney in 2007. I have no regrets - not even that comment about the underpants...

I convened or co-convened the following sessions:

  1. How to Start Testing A Large Legacy Application
  2. What Mistakes Can You Make in Designing Your Automated Tests

Other sessions I attended included:

  1. 5 Schools of Testing/Fragile Test
  2. Dynamic Build Languages
  3. Using Dynamic Languages for Writing Tests

I also attended the Brisbane 2009 conference, where I convened the following session:

  1. What the Old Firm Can Learn from the Dynamic Language Fan Boys

Sorry about that title. I also attended:

  1. Dynamic Languages For Testing
  2. CI in the Cloud
  3. CI with Distributed Version Control
  4. Extending CI Past Traditional Dev & Release Process

I am completely responsible for all views I expressed while attending CITCON. They were mine, and I meant them.