NextGen CI Toolkit Wishlist

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Problem: Git, create a branch, but also create a CI instance locally

  • Change how the architecture
  • Pre-flight build, aka personal builds
    • Build happens on a working copy, right on the developer's machine
    • Build is flagged
    • Work is to drive down the cost of duplicating a build environment
      • Used the Jenkins API

Problem: Build-tool (jenkins) configuration is not on the branch

  • Reproduce the build and deployment processes
  • How important is it that it's in the same SCM?
    • very important: Feature changes are atomically-commit-tied to corresponding deployment changes
    • Difficulty in associating a revision date/time across two repositories
  • Jenkins should be a GUI that edits an xml file, and it is committed to repository, or available in a working copy (?)
  • "Job Configuration History" plugin is creating a way to show the history
    • Reverting is available.
  • Check into revision control the visual studio binary environment.
  • May not work for build machines, or would it?
    • Third party libraries on build machines stored from Artifactory


  • Discussion of what's coming out
  • See also: uDeploy

Tracking test results across releases

  • Bamboo already has some good traction as to this. (this idea went by fast)

Storing information about failing tests

  • Needed stack traces for when tests failed, retained as build output.
  • @macetw: mental note: track core files, but that's only for when there is a seg-fault, not for an assertion/QCOMPARE failure


  • Scribe: @macetw
  • @EricMenick
  • Greg
  • Bryan
  • David
  • George
  • Jerry
  • Andrew Binstock