Mark Chaimungkalanont

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About me

I'm currently the tech lead of Bamboo Atlassian's CI server. I've been Atlassian for around 3 years, and previously on the JIRA team. We use CI pretty heavily (duh).

Topic interested In

  • Role of QA in a CI environment - What would / should they do? What skills should they have? How the hell do you hire one of these?
  • Hooking into the build - How invasive should CI be on your build tool? i.e. Should Maven deploy an artifact or should the CI server? Should the CI server hook directly into the running process?
  • Functional testing strategies - We use jWebUnit at Atlassian. What do other people use? Do they work? How about js support? Do they take forever?
  • Wacky CI Extensions - we know about the lava lamps but have people done anything else?