Manual QA Without Tears

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new tester - use exploratory testing charters, file bugs

then introduce checklist for developers to follow - Gawande

try moving checklist to JIRA tickets you can assign to multiple people (checklists can be better if used by many people, less checklist fatigue)

introduce a best before date for checklist items, remove and see if problem comes back

serendipity for tests: vary text used, persona simulated, avoid boredom and find more problems

Jerry Wineberg: Perfect Software and other Illusions - uncovering what the software was supposed to do in the first place

Cheat Sheet by Hendrickson - test obsessed -

You Ain't done yet list

Little Black Book on test design Edgren -

Tester does part-time tech support to get context and knowledge

If a tester takes on writing technical tests, a danger is that he or she may stop or lose the skill to do manual tests - ensure they do both

One team spends one hour every morning on learning new things

Tester pairing with dev can be silent but still trigger good testing behaviour - almost like a voodoo doll or cardboard cutout. To replicate more scalably, try setting time aside or make it fun - "I know she will complain about this, better add a test!"

If you need to switch between developer and testing modes, go for coffee in between - it's a big switch!

If bored when testing, that's a signal that something is wrong! Try some techniques to change it up: test with others (even random people found on twitter) or keep a log of your thoughts during the testing session

Dice game taught by Bolton and Bach: - helps you get into an exploratory testing mode