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Learn Docker using Bithday app. The main part of the training consist in a distributed web app (voting app) with following stack:

  - A Python webapp: which lets you vote between several options
   - A Redis queue: which collects new votes
   - A Java worker: which consumes votes and stores them in…
   - …A Postgres database: backed by a Docker volume
   - A Node.js webapp: which shows the results of the voting in real time

It is a hands on training, formed in 3 Sections: 1.0 Playing with Alpine (A minimal Docker image based on Alpine Linux with a complete package index and only 5 MB in size!) 2.0 Webapps with Docker 3.0 Birthday training

 3.1 Pull voting-app images
 3.2 Customize the App
 3.3 Push images to Docker Hub

Link to the full training: https://github.com/docker/docker-birthday-3/blob/master/tutorial.md Link to other material related(slides; last releases): https://github.com/docker/docker-birthday-3

The training was provided by Docker and Docker Meet-up organizers in a global event of celebrating 3 years of Docker. You need to have last Docker Version (1.10) installed. Can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux.