Jerome Vacher

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Jérôme Vacher

Integration Manager, Software Configuration Manager,

virtual infrastructure Manager, CodeBuilding Domain Manager


THALES Corporates Services / Engineering Process & Management / Engineering Environment.


 10 Years in Configuration Management, ClearCase, Subversion, RCS, SCCS,
 4 Years in developpement of C, C++, Perl, ASM Z80,68xxx, lisp, prolog, Java.
 10 Years in Python, sh, batch, +
 8 years in Integration from UNIX processing to Windows based Java Web industry
 5 years in Change management domain: ClearDDTS, ClearQuest, Bugzilla, Mantis, (and now also Trac and Jira)
 6 years in continuous integration domain: Continuus, Hudson, Sonar, Maven, ant, Ivy, etc ... 
 4 years in testing domain: Mercury suite, Rational suite, opensta, Jmeter, - performances, robstness, resiliancy, API, 
 and more... passion is like this !

Most of them at technical level, others at architecture level (Manager)