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I am a founder of Zutubi, makers of the Pulse continuous integration server.


Pulse is primarily Java, so that is where I spend my time these days. Previously I have worked in various languages, most notably C (Linux device drivers and accompanying SDK) and C++ (virtual machine). I was lucky enough to be exposed to an environment with automated testing with builds on checkin from the start of my professional career.


My interest in CITCON is from both ends: as a vendor and as a developer always looking to improve out own processes. Topics of interest to me include:

  • What sucks about CI? That is, how does it cost you time or effort that it shouldn't, or how isn't it saving you effort that it could?
  • The role of SCMs in CI, and how next generation SCMs can influence and/or advance CI.
  • How different are the skills required for a great QA engineer as opposed to a great developer?
  • Testing and prototyping.