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James Cameron
Global Product Manager - MineSuite, Maptek


I'm the Product Manager for the MineSuite product developed by Maptek.

Being an early adopter of Java we have a significant amount of legacy code that represented the only practical way to achieve the business needs at the time. Our next generation of the product will draw heavily on the currently available frameworks and support mechanisms to avoid the need to build the product from nothing as was the case with previous generations.

We recognize the need to focus on the product rather than the process. My experience with some of the more traditional approaches at previous employers has seen a remarkable infrastructure developed to support the design and development effort with little in the way of actual product development occurring. If what we are doing is not helping us to build the best possible product then we need to reconsider what we are doing.


As the product manager I am interested in the business benefits of CI and Agile development techniques and the increased level of confidence it can give you in the eventual success of the project.