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These notes from from CITCONUS2010Sessions. See also Is Scrum Evil? from CITCONEurope2008Sessions and Is SCRUM Evil? from CITCONAsiaPacific2009Sessions

Is scrum evil?

complete the sentence "Scrum is evil because…… "

there is a scrum master…master thinks they are in charge companies send for training, that everyone passes… People assume they are now agile. No practices in place to support scrum. "Fake adoption of agile"

Early adapters… trail blazers, exist because they have too. People Want to get better. However this only makes up for 13-14%

The rest change because they fear they will get left behind. "I've heard about this agile software development thing…are you doing it? no? no? not us either? Two years later "are you doing agile? yeah! "oh us too!"

People only follow practice, if everyone else is doing it.

"Don't tell people it's better… offer a solution to the problem!! "

Whats the point of scrum? -- JTF: around before XP. Scrum is embedded in XP. The idea is to address the problem on Dev teams where the most painful problem is task switching. Product / business side needs features.. devs responding that there isn't enough time… specifications are not detailed enough…and specifications keep changing…. created a "commitment war" Scrum tries to solve this. The team controls the estimate… 30 days… the business should be happy, they can change their mind in 30 days. development team is happy because they will not be bothered for 30 days….they can run and be effective. Change in a controlled fashion. "Formalized protocol"

Retrospective on scrum…whats not working for our company. Scrum should lead you to the practices you need… talking about the problems leads to getting a solution to the issues.

Essential elements of scrum:

Time box iterations requirements don't change tasking

Product Owner Scrum Master Pigs Chickens

Demo Daily standup Retrospectives

Release backlog / Sprint Backlog Planning session - estimates, etc.

Scrum is a religion is bad - "don't question! Just do!" … that's why retrospective is so important. "whats working / whats not, how do we fix it, what can we try to do better"