Integrated test tools and an IDE for Testers

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Suggested features / capabilities

  • testcases
  • scripted instructions
  • coded instructions
  • recording
  • discovery/inspection
  • reporting
  • bug tracking
  • test runs / test suite
  • import existing (similar) test cases
  • CI integration
  • debugging
  • backed by a version control system
  • IDE autocompletion
  • multiple ways to present stuff - visual, text, ...
  • auto-suggest of test ideas e.g. for security tests taken from

Who are the target users:

  • Powerusers?
  • Non-technical testers

Opensource, reducing barriers to entry

Hover over capability to see the UI of the app at each step of the test case

Visual Components - drag and drop to create test cases - see the Visual Studio Workflow tool

RubyMine recommended as a great IDE for Ruby code and writing Cucumber tests Cubittest - front end for Selenium has visual presentation Encrunch? a tool in the latest visual studio beta that runs tests all the time in memory without needing to save them