How do you make CI more fun

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One of the major areas we explored is how to make the feedback part of the CI more engaging. We discussed several options:

  • Extreme Feedback
  • Gamification - is it good or bad?
  • Do we really need CI in the first place?

Given the last point of our discussion, the focus shifted to alternatives to CI and how to keep up the quality of the code while still having fun :D.

Extreme Feedback

Slack bots can be super!

Ambient orbs can be awesome!

Lava lamps can be legendary!

Horns can be head-splittingly fun!


From gold stars to karma points

The Simpsons did it!


The difference between good and bad gamification

Do we really need CI in the first place

What to do if the build never fails?

What if we want to do big Refactorings?