Health Checks

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  • red, yellow, green -- pass, warn, fail
  • respond with a cached value
  • avoiding royalty based calls as part of a health check

What's the difference between a health check and an integration test

not all health checks need to be polled you can also have services provide their own heartbeat back to a monitoring service

health check content possibility {

 “service_name”: “extranet”,
 “sevice_version”: “1.1.10”,
 “status”: “pass”,
 “dependency-status”: {
   “other-api”: “connected"
   “db”: “read-successful"
 “id”: ???,
 “hostname”: ???,
 “instance-id”: ???
 [{"subject": "value"}, {"subject": "value"}, {"subject": "value"}, {"subject": "value"}]


DR vs. "business continuity"

Health checks are part of the application contract used for orchestration at TIM Group: [Introducing Orc and Its Agents] (see part 2 in the series).

Github repo for "Tucker", a library for status pages: