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GRADLE Presentation

The Groovy Users Group of MN (GUM) is sponsoring a pre-CITCON event thursday April 23rd on Gradle, with Gradle lead Hans Dockter.

Gradle is a build system for Java and Groovy projects with build-by-convention (ala Maven) and a complete extensibility model (unlike Maven). It leverages Apache Ivy for dependency management and Ant under the hood, with build scripts written in Groovy. Hans is the project lead. He brings considerable build expertise in Ivy and Maven build systems and a passionate sense of craftsmanship to Gradle.

Gradle shows real promise as a java and groovy build system, groovy/java developers will find this presentation engaging and very useful.

When: 6pm, April 23rd Where: Offices of Refactr LLC in Minneapolis 11 NE 4th Street Suite 300 Minneapolis, MN 55413

If out-of-town attendees would like a ride to and from the event, feel free to contact Peter Pascale (peter dott pascale at gmail).

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