Feature Toggling Strategies

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Attendees: @robpark, Johnny S, Andy, Jason, Lex

  • How do you deal with conditionals
    • Implement at the interface level
    • If you see conditionals littered throughout your code, you're likely missing a layer of abstraction
  • Why toggle?
    • To be able turn a feature on/off
  • Strategies
    • per user
    • algorithmically - needs to be consistent for a given user though
  • clean up?
    • what if the user can turn it on?
    • installed software vs webapp
  • testing
  • metrics
  • use feature flags; they're good
  • don't have too many
    • is that 80? 5?
  • use if not all of your users can be exposed to the feature
  • they may not be binary; they could be enumerations
  • a good measure may be "if you sales people can call it out, then it's big enough to need a toggle"
  • feature flags may follow the same rules as using many branches effectively
  • although if you should avoid getting to the point of needing to manage dependencies across feature flags
  • are you now version-less? no semver?
    • or versioning is at least decoupled from deployment
    • "for this release we'll just turn on these 10 flags"
    • the "current version" is the current "default" set of flags
  • what shouldn't be behind a feature flag?
    • bug fixes