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Erik Petersen Coach, Architect, Designer, Project Mgr, Researcher, focussed on system testing, tools and system test automation.

I was the local co-ordinator for this event in 2008, and we had a struggle to find a reasonably priced venue that was big enough, so I felt knackered from the search, but on a high when it all came together...

Interested in all sorts of stuff, not overly code focussed but code literate....

I'm often an architect for functional test automation, and very excited by current activityies in that space. I'm putting some ideas together around what I'm calling the Ravana schema as a generic way of representing functional test automation in an XML schema, that could be used by multiple tools and be represented in many formats. I may get a session together on that. I'll be going to a similar workshop as part of Agile 2008.

I gave a half day Exploratory Testing experience tute at Agile 2008 in August (and again in 2009) and at CITCON 2008, so I may do some of that if there is interest.

At CITCON Sydney, I organized a discussion on ET and agile testing, me pushing ET and Jason Yip pushing usability as logical complements to TDD, etc. ET seemed to win on popular opinion! A good article by Bob Galen on agile testing is here

Also at CITCON Sydney, I gave an intro/workshop to agile retrospectives complete with a bamboo flute!

I am interested in kicking off an executive outreach program, so I'd like discussions on that, how we can sell benefits of more technical agile approaches (TDD, CI) to executives. We had one at Sydney CITCON with a very CI focus

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