Elephant Carpaccio

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  • Slice vertically -> every step looks like an elephant
  • Start with the tiniest thing what creates a very small value (even if it helps just one person)
  • Creating a database table (or adding a field) is not an acceptable slice. Instead displaying a view showing just fake data could be (since the user can give feedback if the view would help him or not)
  • Show the increments to a small target group (e.g. a wisely selected group of good-natured beta-testers or all people online in a specific time period)
  • Count how often people trying to use a mock of a feature (think about how you can compromise the not ready feature. Don't tell the customer that it is not ready; it might be better to say that it just doesn't work at the moment)
  • People mostly get over the "initial shock" fast but are happy about fast incremental improvements since they see that ppl are working on improvements
  • Even research aspects can provide any value
  • Mostly it is a slower process overall but you learn more about the customers so the time is better used and it helps to identify the real needs early
  • You are very flexible; identify very quickly if you are on the right track; are able to stop early