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What I am saying here is strongly influenced by my need and wish to find satisfying and challenging work in my vocation. I am interesting in discussing ways for us testers to be more the controllers of our own destiny and not to be 'resources' to be tossed around at the whim of organisations when times are tough and discretionary spending tightens up.

I have a background as a Test Manager initially going back to 1999 when I was a Test Manager for Adacel on the development of a mobile telecommunications system for NEC. In 2003 I developed the Software Testing course at RMIT and delivered it to postgraduate students. The following year I became Test Manager at Redrock Communications and have stayed in the testing area ever since. I have just completed a role as Test Manager in Telstra’s Reporting Data Warehouse working on a stage of Telstra’s Transformation program.

Furthermore I have the following areas of skill and experience that I can offer:

• 30 years of extensive experience developing and testing software

• led the Testing Practice at Object Consulting

• have managed teams of up to 13 people

• automation test specialist familiar with tools from all major vendors

• implemented HP Quality Center for two organisations

• development of performance testing frameworks

• telecommunications industry experience from 1997 – 2005 and again recently

• involvement in many integration projects

My specialities are:

• Test tools and automation strategies

• Software testing processes and methodologies

• Test management

I deplore the second-rate citizen status that is given to the testing fraternity and believe we need to inform the ignorant and the uninformed of the major contribution we can make to the credibility of the IT industry.