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Secret sales does e-commerce.

Cont. deployment 3-4 times a day, keep system running. Use Jenkins, but not do release to P. Some tests on the newly created code.

Team does not do TDD. Despite being a big ball of code. The code is not testable. Because recovering can be really fast, the urgency is not that high.

It has 24/7 monitoring. Devs are on call. This helps on ensuring commitment from the devs. Hence monitoring is quite okay.

A fellow developer does a code review. QA and product person check the application.

Google Experiments is used to do A-B testing.

PHP has some nice features, for one, each customer is running in it's own process. Capistrano is used to do release the code. It can do rollback. A couple of

How about doing something similar on a Java platform. You can do Red/Green deployment.