Code as a crime scene

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Your Code as a Crime Scene

by Adam Tornhill

Use Forensic Techniques to Arrest Defects, Bottlenecks, and Bad Design in Your Programs

The book at pragmatic programmers

Other notes: User:Robpark

  • Unfortunately, no one had fully read the book or used the app directly, but it was still a very interesting and useful discussion that only makes me want to finally get to reading the book.
  • I had worked with a team that did use the app.. it fostered team communication IMO.. got everyone on the team to see the one file each was changing with most commits
  • There was a theme of what are the facts (vs opinions), meaning focusing on facts about your codebase can be a very useful exercise
  • We discussed code complexity.. not many felt they found a lot of actionable value .. maybe combining with commit history would be more useful🤔
  • Code coverage — we all seemed to know how it can be used against us ( i.e. can be dangerous) — but what if you’ve been TDDing as much as possible maybe check coverage to see what you missed?
  • 100% coverage is dumb... or is it? Most of us preferred a 100% green unit test suite (with 1 reasonable exception), so why not ignore things to keep your coverage “green” (at 100%)?