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PJ talking about CI CD phases and creating an image with group input:

From idea to market/value Goal is to remove all the obstacles between the idea and it getting done as value.

- Idea

-- define a bucket of acceptance tests

Comments on the customer not willing to cover/document their acceptance tests, but in some cases there is improvement here

-- write broken acceptance tests

- write code to make the first test pass

-- write broken unit tests

-- write just enough code

-- refactor

-- pre commit build

-- we mentioned code review tools/techniques, and pair programming

-- get feedback in 10 minutes from people available

-- every time a test goes green - commit!

How much time does the build take? We need to keep the build as short as possible.

Version control systems. A round on who is using what VCS.

Master branches, feature branches. PJ hates branches, want to avoid them if possible. Microservices as a solution to keep parts of the system away from each other.

There is no CI/CD on feature branches. You can have continuous build on branches, but since they are not integrated, that is not CI.

unit tests "WE have 87% of out unit tests passing!" PJ: Ignored unit tests are worse that no unit tests at all. ignored unit tests mean effort put into them, consuming time for nothing.

- CD steps

-- pre commit build

-- run the unit tests

-- package

-- deploy

-- acceptance tests

Things running in parallel:

-- nice big suite of regression test

-- performance tests

-- document