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Lodging and accomodation information for participants to CITCON Budapest 2012

Please feel free to add to the information below!

General location

The colabs location is rather central (few hundred meters from the Square "Ferenciek" stop with the (blue) M3 underground (metro)). Some of the streets leading there can be scary, but Petofi Sandor street is pleasant IIRC, as is the Vaci street (well, main tourist) street north of Ferenciek tere. And the Petofi street crosses Iranyi, so you just need to walk towards the Danube there (also, there is streetcar (number 2) stop near the Danube, at the end of the Iranyi street). Ferenciek Square has quite a number of pubs, and Friday/Saturday there are a lot of people (some sober).

Near almost any underground station you'll run into homeless people - just an FYI.

Sample hotels & prices:

Below is a sample of places really close to the location, with sample price ranges (taken around Sep 2) for one person, checking in on the 19th and checking out on the 20th (two nights). The price range's minimum part is the supersaver, non cancelable, etc. ticket the site offered in the cheapest room, while the max is the opposite. However, these prices are only there to give you a sense of ranges, and are not actual offers.

The hotel name is linked to the official site, while afterwards are links to some pages with reviews.

There might be more places, and anything between Deak Square and Kalvin Square is a walkable distance from colabs.

While the Buda side is also nice, there isn't a really pleasant way to cross the Danube by foot (the closest bridge is 2x3 lanes, some leading out to the highways so walking on the pedestrian's way is not a pleasant experience, and the other bridges are quite a distance away), so plan on taking the public transportation from there.

There is also airbnb, with lower prices than the hotels offer

Public transportation