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Conference Date 6-Feb-15 1/7/15 '
Task Ideally Done Days Prior Assigned Due Date Status
Update initial website 365 6-Feb-14 DONE
Add Event to CITCON Facebook Page 365 6-Feb-14 Done
Update OIF Sponsored Events Page 270 12-May-14
Brainstorm list of Potential sponsors 270 12-May-14 Done
Find Venue Coordinator 270 12-May-14 Done
Contact Sponsors 260 22-May-14
Contact Pragmatic Programmer for Book Give Aways 260 22-May-14 Done
Contact Gift Sponsors 260 22-May-14
Follow up with potential Sponsors 250 1-Jun-14
Create list of places to advertise 250 1-Jun-14
Locate Venue 240 11-Jun-14 DONE
Confirm Venue 180 10-Aug-14 Done
Get Point of Contact at the Venue 180 10-Aug-14
Conference Call with Venue Contact 180 8/10/14
Check with Venue on Preferred Catering 180 10-Aug-14
Contact Potential Caterers 180 10-Aug-14
Determine Shipping address for delegate goodies 180 10-Aug-14
Confirm AV Details at Venue 180 10-Aug-14
Confirm Building access at Venue 180 10-Aug-14
Find local coordinator 180 10-Aug-14
Get Address Details from Venue 180 10-Aug-14
Update website with Venue details 179 11-Aug-14 Done
Open Registration 150 9-Sep-14 Done
Post round one of advertisements 149 10-Sep-14
Send email regarding shirt color 90 8-Nov-14
Finalize Catering Choice 60 8-Dec-14
Post round two of advertisements 60 8-Dec-14
Update Wiki with registrants 60 8-Dec-14 Done
Send Shipping details to all sponsors 60 8-Dec-14
Confirm Sponsors 30 7-Jan-15
Conference Call with Venue Contact
Send First Reminder Email to Registrants 30 7-Jan-15
Order shirts (and volunteer shirts) 30 7-Jan-15
Create Posters 30 7-Jan-15
Check Supplies (Pens/sharpies/post-its/scissors/tape/blue tac) 30 7-Jan-15
Book Travel for Organizers 30 7-Jan-15
Update Wiki with Registrants 30 7-Jan-15
Print Prize Certificates 30 7-Jan-15
Print Name Badges 30 7-Jan-15
Finalize Numbers with Caterer 7 30-Jan-15
Close Registration 7 30-Jan-15
Send Second Reminder Email to Registrants 7 30-Jan-15
Update Wiki with Registrants 7 30-Jan-15
Day of Reminder 1 5-Feb-15
Walk through at the venue 1 5-Feb-15
Pay Caterer 1 5-Feb-15
Send Thank Yous to Sponsors -5 11-Feb-15
Solicit post conference registrant contact from Sponsors -5 11-Feb-15