Is code quality **actually** important?

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The context for the discussion was on quality vs. time-to-market

What is code quality?

  • Peer reviews generally leads to good code quality
    • Linters, style checkers etc. were considered hygiene and should be done by tools, not in a review
    • Decoupling risks and architectural changes in reviews, e.g. fix risk now, ship, asses architecture as a next step or later
    • At google you need one review from someone understanding the business logic/context and one review from someone certified as "language reader" for the implementation language
  • "Code quality is not getting calls on a weekend"

Various business goals setting need for code quality

  • Threads was originally just a stripped down instagram, the business goal was to win market share(?) with Twitter in turmoil.
    • Code quality and other technical aspects were to be tackled later
  • Solutions with actual usage care about their customer retention, customer lifetime value etc.
    • Need for extendability and maintainability, while not upsetting existing users.
  • One participant worked closely with a team creating valuable PoCs in three weeks, that were then handed over for maintenance and refinement for another team if the solution gets traction
  • Open source
    • Share solutions and crowdsource the evolution and maintenance


  • There is satisfaction in creating good quality code
  • Programming languages likely to trend towards ways that enable AI code writing and reading
    • Intermediate level language?
  • Prediction that front-end development role gone in 10 years
  • Cobol not generatable today?
  • Out of the 20 or so participants only three had clear vocabulary and process in place to distinguish between different kinds of work
    • e.g. solution core work that needs high quality vs. a bet on a new low-risk feature, just to understand would it be used at all
    • This makes code quality discussions difficult as likely all work following same standards