Implementing CI - creating the avalanche

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Session 3 -Implementing Cl -Creating the avalanche

The problem

  • Challenge is to successfully implement CI and get everyone on board with it.
  • Change management.
  • Recognize who you are trying to get on board
  • Depends if you are internal or external
    • internal - you here legitimacy, but have to overcome politics
    • external - sometimes easier for management to accept what you are saying as they are paying for the privilege. (eg consultant)

The Solution

  • Recognize it is a sales pitch.
    • you have to address managers & workers
    • ensuring you address ego & ownership.
    • by doing so, you improve odds of long term success.
  • what do management want?
    • not just $ or Quality
    • reduced risk!
    • Demonstrate RoI
    • Identify what is their Pain !

if this is a sales role....

  • Prospect
  • Homework.
  • Identify decision makers
  • Adjust your communication habits
  • we have to build trust
  • we have to look at our own image
  • importance of others perception of us. The sale is about the buyer liking us.
  • So. we have "challenges" as IT people, trying to communicate with non. IT staff.


  • while we may know that the Tool / Approach / Technique is the best thing to do, we have to sell its benefits to others, not in terms of cool specs / latest IT fad / bleeding edge technology but because it will Reduce costs / Make Maintenance easier / Improve Quality

etc etc.

  • Sell
  • Know your audience - addressing their ego/ownership
  • Answer problem about improving RoI
  • Answer problem about reducing risk
  • Improve our people skills
    • Habit
    • Image
    • Perception