Executable Specifications with Concordion

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Nigel Charman presented an overview of Executable Specifications and discussed test architectures. He demonstrated Executable Specifications using the Concordion framework with Fest and SoapUI drivers to test a Java Swing GUI/webservice project.

Concordion also available for .NET, Ruby and Jython

Pros and cons of Concordion approach:

* Pros - elegant UI, well documented, easy to learn, JUnit runner integrates with existing IDE/CI solutions, can use tables or plain text (including given/when/then)
* Cons - lack of tooling (HTML editor, test management), 1 JUnit class required per HTML page

Discussion on "how to build trust with framework"

* can take time,
* testers can manually duplicate the tests until they gain a sufficient level of comfort with the framework, 
* easier to build trust for end-to-end frameworks - users can see GUI tests running, is testing full system functionality