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'''Erik Petersen'''
'''Erik Petersen'''

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ouacacdr Erik Petersen

Coach, Designer, Project Mgr, Mentor, Trainer, ex-dev, focussed on system testing and system test automation.

Interested in all sorts of stuff, not that code focussed but code literate....

If there is interest in agile system testing/exploratory testing, I talk around that. A good recent article by Bob Galen on agile testing is here www.stpmag.com/issues/stp-2007-06.pdf

--we had this discussion, me pushing ET and Jason Yip pushing usability as logical complements to tdd, etc. ET won on popular opinion!

Some not-quite-in-scope proposals....

I just gave an intro/workshop to agile retrospectives to the MXPEG (the Melbourne agile enthusiasts group) that was well received.

-- did this, with a bamboo flute!

I'm running for the Agile Alliance board, and interested in kicking off an executive outreach program, so I'll love to run a discussion on that, how we can sell benefits of more technical agile approaches (TDD, CI) to executives. See http://www.testingspot.net/aastt.htm for more.

-- this happened with a very CI focus

Show off my amazing new HTC elf pocket PC....

--- did this too[grin]