Elements of Enterprise CI

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Elements of Enterprise CI

  • Heard where people were coming from
    • some people had scrum is evil issues
  • people saw benefit in prioritisation and categorising CI changes in their organisation
  • some people felt the need to distinguish between Agile technical and non-technical practices in the discussion
  • for teams that are already doing continuous intgration, it gives you a target to obtain
  • is obnoxious after insane (where to for teams that are already at the top level)?
  • tooling makes continuous integration trivial now (when Cruise Control was released many people thought it crazy that you might build on every release, not its a given)
  • the model was developed because people assume what is possible is based around their personal experiences
  • the model shows the industry norms and targets, and if your team is not at these levels you are behind the curve
  • discussion ensued for a while about needing 'rapid and frequent builds'

People raised the list from http://www.noop.nl/2009/04/the-big-list-of-agile-practices.html ---


  • Coding Style / Coding Guidelines / Coding Standard Wiki JS IXP
  • Test Driven Development Wiki C2 XP
  • Behavior Driven Development Wiki
  • Pair-Programming / Pairing Wiki C2 JS XP IXP
  • Refactoring Wiki C2 XP IXP
  • Collective Code Ownership C2 JS XP IXP
  • Daily Builds / Automated Builds / Ten-Minute Builds Wiki JS
  • Continuous Integration Wiki C2 JS XP IXP
  • Code Reviews / Peer Reviews Wiki
  • Software Metrics / Code Metrics & Analysis Wiki
  • Source Control / Version Control Wiki JS
  • Issue Tracking / Bug Tracking Wiki
  • Configuration Management Wiki
  • Frequent Delivery / Frequent Releases C2 XP IXP


  • Unit Testing Wiki XP
  • Smoke Testing / Build Verification Test Wiki
  • Integration Testing Wiki
  • System Testing Wiki
  • Exploratory Testing Wiki
  • Test Automation Wiki SA
  • Storytesting / Acceptance Criteria / Acceptance Testing Wiki C2 AM XP IXP

Read more: http://www.noop.nl/2009/04/the-big-list-of-agile-practices.html#ixzz0JaPKPNpU&C


  • Discussion ensued about lengthy builds.
  • Discussion went onto the auditability of process - about perfect reproducability of process.
  • Went onto discussion of where people where at on building - 20% were on Novice and 20% on Intermediate. (Rest didn't give an answer)
  • Discussion went on to discussions of the next step after 'post insane' steps. People asked about anti-patterns - list of things that were 'pre-introductory' or 'do not do'.
  • Large discussion about relationship between developers and testers - and waterfall errors. JTF discussed about tendency of testers to hang onto an old build where defects had been fixed in a newer build.
  • People mentioned that QA group gets audited most heavily.






http://www.anthillpro.com/html/resources/white-papers/view.html?id=1195436] (login required

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