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Schedule for Sessions:
Schedule for Sessions:

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Schedule for Sessions: http://blog.opensourceconnections.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/04/citcon_schedule.jpg

10:00 Topics

  1. Intro To Automated Builds And CI
  2. Is RSpec Awesome or What?
  3. Two Phase Commits
  4. What Is After 100 Pct Coverage And Functional Tests
  5. Deployment Automation

11:15 Topics

  1. What Is The One True LanguageFor Writing Tests
  2. Preconditions Fo Successful CI
  3. Reusable Tests Under CI
  4. Overcoming CI Skepticism
  5. Tools We Use With CI

14:00 Topics

  1. Future Of Build Languages
  2. Integrating Functional Testing And Tools Into CI
  3. I Did Not Know Ant And CruiseControl Could Do That
  4. Are the categories of Unit test, Integration test, Acceptance test, etc., still useful? - Gary M
  5. Who Is Responsible To Implement And Manage CI

15:15 Topics

  1. Code Metrics
  2. Next Gen Test Automation Tools What Is Next
  3. What Shouldnt We Automate
  4. How can we make testing to go as fast as development? - Gary M
  5. What is the best CI tool?

16:30 Topics

  1. Refactoring And Legacy Systems
  2. How To Make CI More Robust
  3. Where are you in the CI adoption life cycle?
  4. Its Red How Long Do We Leave It Like That
  5. How To Hook Up A Traffic Light

17:45 Topic