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This is the list of people registered for CITCON NA 2016, December 9th & 10th, in New York, New York.

To add personal information please RequestAccount then select your name to create an entry for yourself.

Abdulaziz Abbas </br> Ahmed Atia </br> Ahmed Elsabbahy </br> Anamika Mukherjee </br> Andrew Phillips </br> Asad Yakoob </br> Bartosz Ratajczyk </br> Bhavin Kapadia </br> Brian Guthrie </br> Destin Strader </br> Edwin Henneken </br> Elizabeth Yoo </br> Firas Obeid </br> Gordon Huang </br> Hassan Murtaza </br> Jason Yip </br> Jeffrey Bachtel </br> Jeffrey Fredrick </br> John Whitfield </br> Jonathan Sywulak </br> Julias Shaw </br> Kavichezliyan Rajendran </br> Leslie Borrell </br> Lydia Tripp </br> Matt Urbanski </br> Michael Duda </br> Mike Roberts </br> Mohammad Hanif </br> Ori Kremer </br> Patrick Kolenic </br> Paul Julius </br> Paul Ort </br> Robert Park </br> Shawn Westin </br> Toby Tripp </br> Yuriy Bodnaruk </br> Zhen Qin </br>