Best Ways to Manage/Seed Test Data

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Several possible options were discussed:

  • Using the DAOs to help seed/examine data (eg. testSaveAndGet)
  • SQL Scripts to seed test data
  • JDBC statements
  • DBUnit
  • Serialised java objects

Specific tools were mentioned that can assist in managing the data:

  • Liquibase
    • Version control schema and seed data
    • Automatic handling of RDBMS schema upgrades/downgrades
    • Handling of seed/reference data
    • Handling of test data driven by environment variables
    • support or Refactoring of RDBMS
  • Unitils
    • Manages simple insertion of test data with DBUnit on a test by test basis
    • a free site that generates real adddresses and data based on factors a random amount of times that you can then inject into SQL
  • HSQL (Hypersonic)
    • a good way to create databases from Hibernate, in memory