AI curse or blessing?

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What are the attendants using AI for?

  • Enhanced search engine (when latest data not necessary
  • Assistant / bounce ideas of it to clarify own thinking, and get other viewpoints
  • Specific task code generation, 0 to 60% quickly. (the part after that is the harder bit)
  • Using it as a text assistant, making your text more compelling
  • Implement low/medium -difficult code, by providing API documentation and context
  • Social media content generation
  • Cooking recipies

Assumptions on effect of workforce

  • Heavily reduce need for junior developers
  • Increased projects / investments as assumed higher productivy, lower overall cost, faster to try out ideas, new solution possibilities
  • New job: Prompt engineer
  • Major demand for skillset to train models on company data
  • New skill demand: Detecting fake/AI -generated data, text, images etc.

Changes to developer/software professional role

  • Generating code is one segment of the role
  • Others are likely emphasized in value as AI spreads: communication, debugging, understanding tech, product and market context, creativity, software engineer practices, architecture, logging/observability to speed up AI assisted iteration

Other implications

  • Accelerate "Dead Internet" (
  • AI vs. AI. Usage of AI to generate actions, and counterpart using AI to counter these actions. Both malicious and everyday.
  • Education: Emphasized need to navigate and validate information validity.
  • EU regulations on the way for AI limitations, US only talk at the moment. Will companies comply in their products by strictest market (EU) or ship regionally configured solutions?
  • "Generated by AI" and "Information is incorrect" are both interesting aspects but they are not the same.
  • Everything homogenised? Knowledge, music, etc.

Evolution of assisted writing

  • Spell check | Corrects you |
  • Grammarly etc | Rephrases for you |
  • Chat GPT | Generates text with you setting the context |

The responsibility remains on the author/committer/approval stamper as before.