What is CI?

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Session proposed by Maciej Zawadzki

Slide: Fowler's Definition vs. Maciej's more general definition

CI not from Fowler, from Kent Beck & XP

Slide: What are some boundaries of the original concept?

  • audience? (dev team?)
  • time? (tight loop?)
  • how is quality determination made?

[XP from C2, no separate QA team]

Slide: Current State of CI

  • Multi-state CI
  • Build pipelines
  • Living Builds
  • Other Lifecycle Stages
    • Deployment
    • Testing
    • Release

Good test vs. Bad tests / Fast tests vs. Slow tests

Slow tests/builds are probably a design problem

PJ example: build breaks if > 1 minute

people want to do all these different stages and they label all of them CI -- are they wrong?

have your system automatically pull after every save? (have your system automatically commit?)