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Protecting My Loved Ones Even Though I Am Away by - Albie K Sienya

Since I am often sent to business travels, my spouse and daughter, who recently became 18, are frequently left alone at home. From time to time, my wife has to visit the grocery in the evening after work alone. These tend to worry me considerably, so, I decided to look on the net for gender-friendly self-defense weapons like Tasers for women.

I told the 2 ladies in my life that their security is very important to me. I added that they ought to know basic self-defense tips in case they find themselves mugged inside a parking area or on the street.

Learning how to use Tasers is going to help them keep themselves safe. I discussed that Tasers are non-lethal tools which could offer both long- as well as short-range protection.

Tasers, as long-range self-defense weapons, on the one hand, has 2 probes connected to wires which could reach a distance of 15 feet whenever fired. On the other hand, as close-quarter tools, Tasers, because of their prongs, could still electrify an attacker upon immediate contact even with no wires.

Due to its use of electro-muscular disruption technology, Tasers can defeat even an attacker who has a high tolerance for pain. I assured my spouse and kid, however, that there's no long term damage on the felon.

The moment they agreed to my recommendation of buying them a Taser, I got them a silver Taser C2 platinum kit. The package is made up of, along with the Taser, 4 live cartridges, a holster, and also a training handbook.

Upon its delivery, I trained my spouse and child how to use a Taser with the training cartridge as well as practice target which were also included in the package. We trained for half a day on how to activate the unit, release the safety switch, and aim it on the target.

Today, even though I am out for a business trip, I sleep soundly in the evening understanding that my family is safe. I can now definitely express that the best Tasers for women are the ones that can first help them train for any instance when they might get to use their self-defense weapons.

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