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Glass is a extremely fragile object and it is prone to breakage if it is not handled meticulously. There are different varieties of glasses, and windows are normally fitted with float glass. Glass is secure and it can grow to be harmful only when it is smashed. When glass fails due to a variety of causes it is shattered and it is the shattered pieces of glass that can trigger maximum harm. <a href="">Safety window film</a> thus serves the objective of guarding the occupants of the home from glass injuries too. Safety window film is normally utilized to give a window film protective coating to the glass pane of the window. The security window film is glued to the glass pane with a robust adhesive and the edge of the film is secured to an aluminium program which holds the film strongly. In the occasion of the glass becoming smashed, either due to an attempted break-in or a bomb blast, the glass pane is not shattered but rather the broken fragments are held on strongly by the film, stopping the break-in or stopping injuries from the shattering of the glass.