Takeaways from Citcon 2012

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Takeaways from Citicon Portland 2012

  • Break addiction to avoidance. Focus on speed.
  • Opportunity that's here to improve things
  • Testing. We all have the same problems. Work towards.
  • Experienced similar problems in testing gives him heart, and have more vision.
  • Ideas from other processes and tools that didn't know existed.
  • Enjoyed open space format, and choose own topics
  • My team doesn't check in code often enough.
  • Anti-pattern notes and the taxonomy
  • At different stages and could empathasize
  • Andy's session on the Quagmire on change management.
  • There's still a lot of work to be done. Lots of common struggles.
  • Get other to improve themselves. Need to improve your own self first.
  • Continuous integration is a process and mindset of people than the technology that you use to do it. Lots of ways to do it. The continuous part is the hard part.
  • CI who check in stuff, but don't turn it on. Most favorite phrase was Voodoo charm was to say something to shut down thinking
  • Expect more from team of developers, and trust that they can do their jobs
  • Intrigued by idea of CI testing and sysadmin setups and testing the client that sets up the system and whether the system is working right. Lots of complexities that didn't think about before
  • Felt shockingly like same problems as 2 1/2 years ago. Problems are pretty universal and not just the software. Would help for whatever industry he's in.
  • Problems are hard, and he still doesn't have an answer. Aha moment with Jez Humble. Stop thinking about optimizing between mean time to failure. But optimize to mean time form failure and that might be just as good.
  • It's still a people problem
  • Enjoyed open space because lots of things to learn. It's all about people, and getting richer conversations.
  • Enjoyed brainstorming environment.
  • Meeting Adam in person was a highlight. Anti-patterns and smells was also interesting. There's a diversity of ingenuity to solve these problems. Would like to produce catalog of ingenious solutions.
  • Watching people pair with James Short, and learned a lot and it was very cool.
  • Software development and devops need to collaborate
  • 1-on-1 session on what the real problem is, and what they need to solve. Perhaps start a CI user group.