TCR: Test and Commit or Revert

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Code (including the commits we made in the session):

Kent Beck's original blog post on the topic:

Hanselminutes - Fresh Talk and Tech for Developers: test && commit || revert with Kent Beck, December 20, 2018

Other notes: User:Robpark

  • Do you squash all these little commits?
  • Context matters .. if open source project for pr submission then yes .. if for internal work on a team, you should probably merge every commit every time.
  • We (as from the example repo) hacked the rules to only revert the prod code not the test code
  • There’s also another viable modification to simply revert (everything) every n minutes where n <= 5
  • Makes you think .. do you need to over design? .. under think? .. or be calm and not worry so much about the revert ;) ... the point I believe we mostly equally concluded was look to make small changes and small commits and small merges wherever possible
  • The one downside with a “simple” problem is we actually never had a revert (other than as a test ) yes, we were that good at Fibonacci ;)