Sprints are cool, but I find them a bit boring...

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Sprint meetings tend to be boring. Maybe they just take too much time. In the following lines, there will be some ideas on how can we reduce the time and make the meetings more efficient.

Sprint Planning:

- Plan features separately then talk with all about conclusions - Estimate the feature not necessarily the tasks?


- Decide upon long and short action items - Set reminders in the calendar - Some people (which do not use sprints, have this retrospective meeting once a week


- discussion of the status of the feature, not necessarily what did we do yesterday, what we do today...

If we find meetings are boring, we can try out different forms for those meetings and measure the effect:

- Ask people if they are bored, note in niko-niko calendar

- Ask people what type did he or she feel during the meeting: e.g explorer, shopper, vacantioner, prisoner