Show us your Build!

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Show us your Build

  • Zero friction. You should be able to check out and it should just build
  • .Net Example
    • Consistent layout
    • src
    • anything in lib folder will be referenced
    • between projects for project
    • Convention of for machine specific properties
  • Ivy seemed to get a few props. Sounds like Ivy has not been made redeundant by Maven - Ivy does what it does very well.

Dynamic Languages

  • Traditional guidelines, do they apply? GOF, Refactoring, Agile Development, Effective Java
  • Strongly type - Object is ALWAYS a type
  • Static - compile time
  • Dynamic - runtime
  • Dynamic, compiler can't help me as much so might need more unit tests

Check out these tools

  • Scala
  • simian
  • SourceMonitor
  • gradle
  • Is there a NIvy?
  • nmaven