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I am currently working as software technical test analyst where I perform a mix of all types of testing styles (manual, automated and performance testing), inlcuding error guessing and exploratory - which I really enjoy and reap great beneifits. I really enjoy software testing, I love the idea of playing with the "new stuff" with a mindset to "breaking it" - what other IT job has such a purpose - and the bigger the break the better! I personally find the role rewarding, enjoyable and lots of fun. I have been a tester for approx the last 8-9 years.

I have recently returned from working in the UK as a contactor software technical test analyst.

For many years, before moving and working in the UK, in my spare time, I taught adult education classes at local schools teaching beginners how to use:
- Word
- Excel
- PowerPoint
- Intro to Internet
- Intro to Computers

Previous roles I have performed are:
- Computer Assembler
- Computer Room Operator
- IT Rentals
- Tier Two and Three Support Officer
- Tier Three - Server Admin

My interests are:
- Software testing
- Robotics
- Programming
- Networking
- Old PC Hardware
- Electronics