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People come and go - information transfer

  • Default way: documentation
  • Documentation doesn't: too long, outdated, not true, etc.
  • Generated documentation
    • Test names
    • Javadoc
    • meta documentation: directory structure, etc.
  • Executable documentation
    • unit tests
    • BDD acceptance tests
  • Output of executable documentation
    • mostly plain text (TestDox, AgileDox) or HTML
    • in certain cases it's worth generating visualizations based on tests (e.g. state transition diagrams)
  • Video documentation: screencasts for bug reports
  • Searchable documentation
  • Substitutes of documentation: face time, talk, e.g. before a new feature is being developed
    • Documentation is not the goal. The goal is that the other person understands something
  • Documentation needs to be searchable
    • generated documentation too
    • executable documentation too

  • Put documentation to the right place:
    • (links to) trouble-shooting tips to system monitor items
    • docs should go to the same repo as code goes

Useful videos

Alan Richardson - Thinking Visually in Software Testing